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Today is the day of hangover from watching the election results?  What does Trump's election mean?
Trump has promised that he would repeal the DACA program for young people brought into the US by their parents and who are now in an unlawful status.  Because this program was not based upon any law or by some type of regulation but a mere policy memorandum, it can easily be undone with the stroke of a pen. At least we have until January 20, 2017 since he does not become President until then.  If you are approaching the renewal point for your DACA application, I suggest you file a renewal application before he becomes president.  There is nothing to lose except for your time and the filing fee.
People who have had their cases administratively closed in removal proceedings may be anxious as well.  DHS can reopen these cases at any time and decide to remove people swiftly. Under Obama, he has set priorities to deport criminal immigrants and those who are more recent arrivals.  This may change in short order since Trump wants to create a special force dedicated to deporting illegal immigrants.
Trump as president can also have his Justice Dept. enact onerous and unforgiving regulations, making it more difficult on any type of immigration violators or on immigrants who commit minor crimes. It will make my job more challenging. 
We have one hope and that his wife is an immigrant from Slovenia and understands what it is like to be an immigrant.  Hopefully she can temper his views on immigration.

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DHS Secretary Nepolitano and the President announced on June 15, 2012 that young people who were brought to the US would be eligible for Deferral and could obtain work authorizations.  I have been asked questions regarding this matter:  What happens if a person was over 17 when he came to the US?  What happens if I am 31 years old and I qualify otherwise?  The answer I give is: "Sorry.  The law has to have a cutoff somewhere and you just happened to end up on the other side of the line."

Here is a shortcut to Sec. Nepolitano's announcement:  announcement

60 days from the date of the announcement, the government will publicize the steps necessary to take advantage of the program and how to apply for benefits.  I hope the people in Washington hire enough people to process the employment authorization document.  It is estimated that about 850,000 individuals will qualify.  If 850,000 applications flood in to the Immigration Service, or even 1/4 of this number, there will be complaints and delays and problems.  Stay tuned.

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